Is it possible to use different MoHs on dialin in and on transfering the dialed in call?

First of all I’m sorry for poor English and, may be, not too deep search.
So I’ve got the following scenario:
All incoming calls are routed to a queue with dynamic agents in it. All incoming calls are receiving a special MoH (three rings, short adverticement, one ring) instead of common rings. We are using MoH instead of IVR to make each call answered ASAP, not after 15-20 seconds of adverticement played. So queue is configured to use “beep-greeting” MoH class. Also we have a “default” MoH class with some music (and it works great with intra-company transfers!)
Each call is processes either by the operator who picked it or is transferred to another extention. Customer hears the same “beep-greeting” MoH (and gets tired and annoyed of that).
Is it possible to set another MoH, e/g/ from “default” MoH class while the “external” ring is transferred?

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