Is it possible to stream stereo media?


I’m asking to the community this simple question : Is it possible to stream stereo media using SIP Protocol ? If yes, what are the conditions to make it possible ?

Also, if I want to use codecs like MP2, MP4 AAC LC, is it possible to add these codecs ? If yes, how ?

Thank you.

It is not possible to steam anything with the sip protocol,. you can stream ANY multimedia you want within the stp stream successfully initiated , however asterisk only supports a few mono audio codecs

and “passes through” some other audio and video streams.

Thank you for your answer, and also which audio and video streams can " pass through " Asterisk ? Does there any box to check in FreePBX GUI to allow this ?

All the boxes to check for sip settings are on the “sip settings” page :wink: