Is it possible to re-purpose Allworx phones for use with FreePBX?

I have a customer who wants to use their existing Allworx 9212 phones with a new FrePBX system. From all the searching I’ve done, it looks like these phones are locked down, and can’t be reprogrammed. Can anyone here confirm this?



I been looking all over the web for this info for weeks! I see people made the Shoretel phones work with the FreePBX System, but I can’t find people using the Allworx Phones. If any one would know anything that would be great

The Shoretel and the Allworx work close to the same. They both look for a Config Files via a TFTP Server. And i see people made the config files for the Shoretel. Soooooo I was hopeing the same would be with the Allworx phones.