Is it possible to put a delay on reaching Voice-mail when calling internal and reach Voice-mail normal when call is from outside

Hi Everyone,

I have a request to not send calls to Voice-mail if an extension within the company calls the other extension. However, we want to keep reaching voice-mail with the regular number of rings if the call is from outside.

Currently I have voice-mail set to Enabled and all calls after few rings go to Voice-mail but we want them not to go to Voice-mail so quickly if the call is from within the company.

Where is the delay for ring is setup for Voice-mail?

Is this even possible?


Thanks for the great tips.

Out Inbound line currently rings 5 extensions at the same time without any IVR. Can I put the Ring Groups once created in the Inbound Queue? so that all the 5 extensions are still rang with Ring All strategy and yet the voicemail ring time is set to high time?


On each extension’s page there is a Ring Time dropdown, where you select the number of seconds for your phone to ring before going to voicemail. That’s the one you use for your inside callers. For your outside callers, first send them to a ring group with only one extension in the group, and set the Ring Time for the group. Be sure to set the Destination if no answer to the extension’s voicemail. Pair each extension with a Ring Group and you should be all set.