Is it possible to only show SMS conversations started by user, even if sharing a phone number?

I dont necessarily like the idea but I’ve got people asking to share a number to text on but dont want to be able to see each other’s conversations in Sangoma Connect or UCP. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? If not there are enough DIDs to go around. Thanks.

Not possible. DIDs are cheap, so it’s not something that really feasible to build.

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Thanks. Will configure some other DIDs for this purpose.

Semi related: can I toggle between DIDs in the Sangoma Connect app when texting outbound? So far it looks like it’ll roll all inbound texts to the numbers associated with the user into one conversation (coming from the same external number) and replying only goes out from the default CID. Looking for ways to monitor two numbers, like the main number for the company and a direct dial, from the mobile app.

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