Is it possible to manipulate/change caller's extension number for internal calls

Hlelo, please advise:
in my setup fro some people i have to assign 2 extensions per user as they have WEBRTC application and simple SIP soft- or hardphone each. as i was told in this forum, i cannot use the same PJSIP extension and to have 2 endpoints ( WEBRTC and ordianty SIPones) to do that.
So i want to assign 2 extensions per user and either have ring group or use Follow-me rule to ring second phone in 0-1 seconds after first phone. E,g i have ext 145 for WEBRTC and 245 for SIP phone. Everybody knows that my extension is 145 and call it. I may easily configure almost simultaneous ringing on both phones for incoming calls so ther is no problem for incoming calls
My question is - is it possible to somehow hide or manipulate caller’s number when i call from phone with extension 245, so that users will see number 145 as caller’s number and when they answer the call, the call will go to primary phone with extension 145?

See the part of this wiki page where there is a description on how to set up secondary extensions to behave like the primary:


Thanks a lot , Lorne! based on this wiki page I created working solution with 2 extensions per user where secondary extension has “mailbox” and “CID Num Alias” modified ( identical to first extension) .

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