Is it possible to install freePBX on blackbochs LX8i or SPA122

I’ve searched the forums and can’t find relevant info. I’m not a telephony/IT professional and I need to figure out how to connect a Uniden cordless phone (D1364) to an Engenius SP-922 DuraFon PRO base station. The end result would be communication between the cordless phone and a DuraFon wireless handset.

From my research, it appears I’ll need an ATA. I have a Cisco SP122 and a blackbochs LX8i. I think both were used for VOIP phones. I can access the SP122, and still trying to access the LX8i (factory reset the LX8i but cannot access a GUI on LAN IP - maybe my PC IPv4 settings are wrong, I’ll try to figure that out.

Input on any of this would be appreciated, thank you

You wouldn’t install FreePBX on an ATA, but you should be able to use an ATA to connect an analog endpoint to a FreePBX server. Typically you would create a SIP extension on FreePBX then, put that extensions credentials into the ATA to have it register to FreePBX.

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