Is it possible to hide outgoing numbers for operators and show only Names

Hello, It’s a little bit strange question but i want to do next thing.
When operator tries to call to somewhere she should be only able to do call if the manager allows. and main thing we want to do is operator shouldn’t see the clients number she should be only able to see the Clients name i’ve had a look about freepbx modules I know i need XactDialer to dial automatically but more importantly is to hide number and is it possible to do with freepbx and its modules?

I believe you would need to do something custom, like a webpage to originate calls from. If the call goes through a physical phone (as opposed to WebRTC), I am not sure how you would hide the phone number from the agent.

One option might be to use an IVR with voice recognition. So the agent always calls one number, speaks the name of who they want to call, IVR confirms, then dials and connects the agent.

This is all custom, so you wouldn’t be using the GUI. You’ll need to look into a voice recognition engine, there are some open sources, and some cloud (Amazon, Google, Azure). The cloud stuff works well in my opinion, but there is a reoccurring cost (albeit small) per transaction.

what you think if i use phonebook and add Name, Operator will be able to open phonebook but somehow to hide number?

It would have to be a custom webpage, tied to that database table and even then, it would not hide the number the phone eventually dials. The phonebook is also deprecated and will leave the application in the relative near future.

To ensure the caller cannot ever see the number dialed, I think you are going to have to make your own softphone that doesn’t show that info or use an IVR with some sort of speech recognition (or touchtone if you have less than 8-9 clients).

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