Is it possible to have x2 GSM chan dongles working on Freepbx?


I’m using Raspbx (Freepbx Raspberry 3 distro) , i have an USB GSM dongle connected that works perfectly for inbound and outbound calls.

For my business purposes i need to have a second GSM dongle working with Freepbx.

I tried to add a second GSM dongle ( same model that is currently working fine ) but this second one is not detected by Freepbx.

Is there specific commands to enter to set a configuration with 2 dongles ?

Do you already got Freepbx working fine with 2 dongles ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

This seems to make you the forum’s expert on GSM Dongles. There are only a couple of people using them, and if you have it working, you are in the minority.

My suggestion (since you are the “go to guy”) would be to try It and let us know.

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