Is it possible to duplicate the from-internal context?


i want to create two different contexts to insulate two different group of extensions, so that the extensions from group A can’t call the one of group B and vice-versa.
But at the same time, i want to keep all the features inside from-internal, like voicemail, parked calls, etc.
In other words is it possible to create two different instances of from-internal?

Multi-tenant FreePBX is really, really hard to get right. This is one of the many, many issues you will run across.

There is a commercial package ( I don’t remember which one) that let’s you do this specific thing without the hassles of changing almost every context in the system. You’re going to run into dozens, if not hundreds, of dependencies and problems with the twin from-internal context approach.

Yes, i saw it, i think you’re referring to Custom-Context module.

Isn’t it possible to block calls by creating an outbound route with a dead end, like that?

I tried to do that and if i try to call from the extension 2000 to the extension 3000 it still rings, am i missing something?

With that entry in the CallerID field, you are allowing calls only from extensions with 2xxx CallerIDs.
To block from 2xxx, put something in there that doesn’t match that digit string.