Is it possible to customize UCP?

Hello !

Is it possible to customize UCP? For example add the company logo, change the colors?

If yes, how to do it cleanly?

There is no official way of customising UCP in any way, there is probably a hack way of doing it but it’s likely to get changed back with any updates.

Tnx for the reply.

Well, the hack way is not what I call clean :sweat_smile:
So I guess, we will keep it as it is.

There’s an OEM program which allows you to have custom branding. I’ve never used it, maybe sales would be able to answer if UCP is included…

No, the OEM doesn’t include UCP.

That seems like a decision from marketing more than from engineering. If anything, I would think that you’d want your people to connect to something that at least pretends to be a corporate asset.

Spraying Sangoma Logos around like a cat in heat doesn’t seem friendly to me.

Since UCP lives in its own separate directory structure, nothing seems to be stopping you from copying $WEBROOT/ucp to a new location (e.g. $WEBROOT/ucp-custom) and then customizing the contents there.

Updates won’t mess with that directory, and since it’s not tracked it won’t alert about unauthorized changes.

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I agree that this was probably an engineering decision. Historically there was not many willing to pay for the OEM program anyway so they didn’t bother.

Disregard my suggestion. UCP is one big ball of symbolic links back into the admin/modules area. You may be able to do some minor cosmetic mods if you make a copy of /ucp but you will not get very far before you find pages that are linked back to admin modules, where you cannot simply modify the code/css.

It makes sense from a development and design perspective but thwarts your efforts at customization.


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