Is it possible to change the gui

I am totally new to this.But i want to know if it’s possible to change parts of the gui, like a logo and such. And how do u do this. I could’t find any info on goole about it.

If you wish to rip off the freepbx teams work and pass it off as your own, do you not think you should at least put in the effort to learn a little PHP yourself?

I don’t wanna rip off anyones work. I just asked is cause the gui on my work here has it’s own logo and its a freepbx one. I’m a trainee there and have to upgrade asterisk to 1.6 and add new functionality, and i would like to implement the logo off the firm. I know php btw.

Well if you know php then why are you asking how to??
I see your posting at TB are the same thing, you put NO EFFORT in findings answers.

Hint: you are opening OLD (1 yr is long time in the software world) threads and the info in old threads things have changed.

i asked it cause i don’t know where te directory is where those files are saved.

Well I suggest to go back to studying PHP then.
Where do you think PHP pages / images would be???

I really do not think you will get much help here, most of
us here respect the work and we do not try to change the webpages
unless it adds a needed function.

you realize that upgrading to 1.6 while supported by FreePBX does have some minor side effects you might not have considered yet. The FOP is the big one, it does not work with 1.6 yet (see for more details).

Next upgrading to FreePBX is only supported in FreePBX 2.5 not previous versions.

Also once you customize FreePBX you are basically forking it which means that getting support will be harder as we don’t know what you have or have not changed. You’ll have to mention it in every post for help along with the version your forked from otherwise when we tell you something we know works and you then say it does not without disclosing that info up front we along with you will get upset when things don’t go as planned.

If you want to add features your best route is to create a module which does not change the base FreePBX code but add to it in a planned and approved way.