Is it possible to change the cross and status buttons from EPM for the sangoma s505

Hello to all.

Can I change the cross buttons from the s505 to N/A?

The cross buttons (up, down left and right) and the tick button all of them at the right of the keypad of the s505 have some functions that I need to disable.
The up button goes to history the down goes to contacts and the tick button goes to status.

I’m trying for so long to figure a way to disable them from Endpoint manager.

If I connect to the phone http address I can disable them but once I make I restart it retrieves the config file from the freepbx as provisioning and these parameters are reverted to default.

So I need to change them from the EPM so that cannot be reverted at restart.

Thank you in advance for any response.

Is there a chance to work if I modify the basefile of the sangoma template?

Or is there a setting to perserve the http settings of the phone over the provisioning settings?

Regards and thanks for any info

That is what the basefile edit is for.

So if you found a setting in the phone to do what you want, put that setting in the basefile.

Thanks for your response.

I changed the parameter in the sangoma 505 basefile:

EPM Default Value: 0
Description: Phone Lock.Keypad Lock.0 - Disabled, 1 - All Keys, 2 - Menu Key 3 - Function Keys, 4 - Answer All Only

But the outcome is that when I enable the 3 option it locks the desired buttons with pin code but it locks alongside all the needed buttons like transfer, speaker, conference etc.

Is there a way to distinguish the buttons?
The base file is huge and I don’t have much experience with it so if someone has use it to lock specific buttons it would be much help.

Thank you in advance.

I found the desired solution.

I changed these parameters to 0 at the basefile:

P43204 # Up arrow key type.
P43205 # Down arrow key type.
P43208 # OK key type.
P43217 # Menu key type. 0 - N/A, 1 - Menu, 2 - Menu with PIN
P43216 # Voicemail key type

And everything is as desired. Only the calling options enabled for end point agents.

So you can mark this as solved and hope that it saves some time for another member.


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