Is it possible to call my PBX box from a cell and use it as a paging or intercom device

I have asterisk running wtih FreePBX. I was wondering if there was a way to call it from my cell phone and have it auto pick up just for me based on either an extension number that i dial or perhaps the fact that its my cell phone calling.

It’s fairly easy to do to intercom an individual extension.

Let’s assume you want to want to intercom extension 123.
Create a Misc Destination. Name it “my intercom” or whatever you want. In the “Dial” box
put *80123. Or, If you want to page a group of phones, create a page group and put the page group number in the “Dial” box instead.

After saving and reloading, this destination will be available for other functions to point to.

If you use DIDS, you can create a special inbound number to point to this destination.
You could create an inbound route which responds to your cell CID to point here,
or you could include it as a hidden option in an IVR.

Hope this gives you a starting point.