Is Google Voice supported again...?

Sorry if this has been asked before - searched and found nothing…

After google voice stopped being supported, I swapped over to Vestalink. Now I found out Vestalink integrates with GV and further search online indicates that there are asterisk based appliances (JS200-FX) that natively integrate with Google Voice.

So my question is - is GV back on the map for FreePBX? Is there a new plugin available that I just missed or something?


Google was never officially supported. It was accessed through questionable means that were generally a violation of the acceptable use policy. Good guy google knew this was happening and rather than slamming the door shut they put out a notice. Basically they gave people forever and a day to find other solutions. They even extended it past their deadline. From my understanding the means of access used before is now gone and they did finally pull the plug. I think google did see the market and have entered in to select partnerships with companies like Obihai to offer alternate access methods. If a company is officially supporting google voice they are likely doing it as part of an API that is not for public consumption or disclosure. We do still have the module but it is no longer maintained or supported.

Makes sense; I guess I had my hopes up for just a wee bit…

Nevertheless - thanks for the explanation :smile:

I’m using FreePBX and am unable to find the Google Voice module (the entire unsupported repository is missing).

I even tried:# amportal a ma enablerepo unsupported

Please wait…

Repo unsupported successfully enabled, but was not found in the remote list

Did I break it?