Is FreePBX suitable for a call center?

I wonder if FreePBX is suitable for a call center as I need to setup one in my office for the call survey purposes. I tried to install one but it gave me a problem which is whenever i try to make an IDD call it will return me “All Circuits are busy now, please try later”. I wonder which step i went wrong.

It’s suitable as long as you dimension the hardware and architect it properly.

And don’t use junk!

Junk as in the server or the phone? May i know what brand of phone in the market that support headset with a reasonable price? Plantronics unit are very expensive here in our country, I am in malaysia anyway.

We have a good number of clients who successfully run small or mid-sized call centers based on FreePBX. The problem, more than with FreePBX itself, is that they often use canned distributions and do not have much Asterisk experience, so they are often having problems caused by poor experience and poor planning. If you can avoid dthose, FreePBX will work just fine in most reasonable situations.