Is FreePBX 14 ready for Production?

Should I install Freepbx 13 or 14? Is it ready for prime time or does it still have bugs?

Heck yes. Distro 10.13.66 has my stamp of approval. “That S*@% is bananas!!” . Just finishing up a transition now for a company from a 500+ user strong CS1K without anyone even really noticing. Its been a 6 month project, but its at 74294 phone calls so far (not even counting internal digit calls) since January without a single complaint. Not one.

Not sure if i would use it as a 911 contact center, but I sleep well at night on its reliability.

Of course, there will be bugs, still are in 13. Just that you will find that going forward from this point, 14 is the way to go. I upgraded from 13, and I seem to be very stable and snappy.