Is CLI (non-ISO) install supported? Where is a good guide?

I want to install FreePBX without using the ISO, I know its possible but I couldnt find very good information on it

Would be nice if FreePBX had an install script like FusionPBX where you can simply wget it and then ./

It’s all in the wiki, for example search for OS as “installing freepbx on debian”

Thanks guys

So the problem with this is that commercial modules cannot be installed:

I am trying to auto setup FreePBX on cloud servers and would like to be able to use EPM with them…

Vultr supports ISO, but I dont know how I could click through an installation automatically, wish there was a way to do ISO-like install but ability to automate it

In vultf , just upload any distro as a custom iso., you get two “slots”

For sure, I did that but I am making a program that automatically installs FreePBX and the ISO requires manual interaction so I’m looking into alternative options

Install it once , ‘snapshot’ it, use that snapshot for any further machines installs.

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Genius !!! Thanks @dicko

Setup an api key, and query the server account for scripting things like current hostnane, ip , deploymenrid etc.

yep I’ve got that part down :slight_smile:

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