Is chat working on Zulu desktop and Windows 10?

Testing Zulu mobile and I noticed that Zulu desktop (Windows 10) can send chat messages to Zulu mobile but not the other way around.

Are these known issues or something I should investigate and see if I can provide a bug report?

Zulu mobile can send messages for sure. I do it daily.

None of the messages I sent from my mobile arrive on my Zulu Desktop. The other direction is fine.
How do I troubleshoot this, are there any logs I can look at?

Look in the wiki on getting logs for Zulu mobile and open a ticket with logs.

Is your mobile on wiki or cellular? Have you tried both?

I have to correct myself, the chat messages are arriving, however I only see a popup with the chat message on my desktop when my Zulu client is minimized.
When it’s maximized I don’t see the chat come in, nor do I see a chat history (on the mobile I do).

Sending chat from mobile to desktop with Zulu window minimized:

With widow maximized I don’t see anything:

Zulu client v3.1.0-alpha+695
Server version

Did you restart your PC after installing Zulu?

I am narrowing this down to file a bug report.

When the desktop clients starts up and the first thing you do is make or receive a call using the soft phone, your window shows the contact you called and history.
However history is empty when I now receive a chat message from the party I just called, there is no notification popup and no message appearing in history.
I have to click on the contact on the left to see the chat history and the message is right there.

So in order to reproduce the issue, do the following:

Start the Zulu desktop client (windows).
Make a call from the desktop client to someone, which will open the contact you called and history.
Now from your mobile, send a chat to that desktop client you just made a call from.
No notification will appear, nor anything in history unless you click on the contact on the left, from which you just received a chat from.
Only then will you see the chat history.

Open a commercial module ticket.

Openend a bug report cause I can reproduce the issue:

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