Is a call waiting answered by pressing flash?

I am trying to answer a 2nd incoming call on an analog phone, when I press flash it locks both the trunk and that station, they cant be used until zaptel is restarted.

I have a TDM400 and FreePBX 2.2 rc3, I’m updating to final today.

silly first thought.

Do you have call waiting enabled for your extension?

yes, its enabled.

Sometimes it picks up the 2nd call, but many times it locks the trunks up. I dont have call waiting from the phone comapny, there are 2 trunks with hunting from the phone company.

My other question is - how do I pick up the 1st call, if I press flash again I just get dial tone.

Is there any user guide for feature codes?

It seems to be working better now, it is not locking up the channels, but I still have no idea how to pick the original caller.

If I get a 2nd call, I hit flash and it picks up the 2nd call, but if I hit flash again to pick up the previous caller it just gives me dial tone.

If the 2nd caller hangs up, I have tried waiting, but it just gives me dial tone after a second, and the original caller gets disconnected.