IPv6, TLS and SRTP

My Goal: Setup FreePBX in an IPv6 only environment with remote-only extensions.TLS and SRTP to be optional on an extension by extension basis.

I am currently running FreePBX on a VPS with IPv4 as an experiment so I can do whatever is required to get me to where I need to be.

Having experimented with the system for a couple of months and recently with Certificate Manager, I figured it might be best if I get everything up and running in ‘IPv6 mode’ before I setup TLS/SRTP.

I had a quick try at adding an IPv6 address on the VPS but my IPv4 address was disabled and I lost connectivity with FreePBX. I am very new to IPv6, so am looking for tips on setting up FreePBX for IPv6-only on a VPS. If anyone has done this with a particular VPS Provider then I’d be willing to look at starting from scratch with a new, recommended provider.

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