IPtables and Fail2ban

I would like to support port 5061. Where do I go to allow this in IPtables. The distro does not have the standard place for IPtables.

You go in the same place like any centos based system. /etc/sysconfig/iptables. Little google of iptables with centos would give you this answer.

We dont include any iptable rules by default so it should not be blocked at the PBX but I dont think asterisk will support 5061 from memory.

Thanks Tony. That explains it. I will create the file and add the rules. I was not sure if the files was somewhere else. Are the Fail2ban files in the standard place? It looks to be. I would like to make sure before screwing I mean modifying the files.

Yup there is no other place you could put them. Fail2ban only has one way to setup configs.