Ipkall inbound trunk troubleshooting as well as just basic trouble shooting methods

I wish to get some information on troubleshooting tools as well as trying to figure out where I went wrong with ipkall.

I am using FreePBX on a 10.x internal network. I have a 60.x eternal static ip on a proxy box. I am trying to sort out if its a firewall issue or general freepbx issue.

Currently i have

Firewall-cmd --zone=external --add-forward-port=port=5060:proto=udp:toport=5060:toaddr=10.x

firewall-cmd --zone=external --add-forward-port=port=10001-20000:proto=udp:toport=10001-20000:toaddr=10.x

I went in to the trunks and added it through several different how to’s. It shows as online how ever when I try and call the number i get the this number is not in service. I see nothing in the astrisk command line that seems to pertain to the call.

Question 1) What tool can i use to simulate an external call that I can try from both the 10.x and the 60.x ip’s to verify it is accepting calls properly both internally and externally to prove my firewall rules work right? ie would linphone or some other app be able to do so ?

  1. is there a how to/clear documentation on IPKall for the 2.11 freepbx interface? I tried youtube /watch?v=fR7O_DbUZI0 as well as a couple different setups from the forums and none have worked for me. What is the suggested setup once I know that the firewall settings are correct?

  2. Is there a generic what you should see when a inbound call arrives in the astrisk cli vs some of the errors you tipically see?