ip500 and other models, where does tftp deposit the configs?

I assume it is in /tftpboot but, no idea if a username/password exist. Second, I did find some config files in this directory, that do not match my extension.

For example, I have my polycoms extension set as 200 though the Polycom ip500 phone provision module set in Freepbx.

In /tftp there is :
licenses sip_213.cfg
0004f201f2c8_reg.cfg logs SoundPointIPLocalization
config_bkup overrides SoundPointIPWelcome.wav
contacts phone1_213.cfg
languages server_213.cfg

I changed the ip500 boot directory from ftp to tftp with no user/password and it had provision errors.

I don’t expect that phone will provision if it can’t find 000000000000.cfg or 0004f201f2c8.cfg in the server root. Can’t say for sure with a phone that old, but one of those two files is required to be present for SIP 3.1 and higher to provision.

Also, are you running a TFTP server on there? If you are, you should know what directory you have configured it to run from. Be aware that it offers no authentication of any kind (first T stands for trivial.)

How are you creating the config files for the phone? Are you using end point manager?