IP Telephony with best integration in Freepbx

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Hi Community!
I would like to hear if anyone have a suggestion about the best brand of IP Telephony working in Freepbx. I am having a dificult with Grandstream because the DND function (DND button) Works fine only in Local level (ip telephony level), but in this way, we cannot manage in the Freepbx overview.
If I set Local features off, the user cannot use the DND button… and the IP Telephony wont show any signal that DND is on!
Anyone could give a tip of a brand that Works 100% with Freepbx?

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Sangoma phones works for us 100000000%

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You can set presence and DND directly on Sangoma phones, and it is mapped back to the PBX. https://wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=57410534

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I have a lot of grandstream gxp2130 and 2160.
DND works fine at phone level and pbx level. Phone show that DND is on, pbx also.

For CFU i use a trick: set a blf key with *96XXX where *96 is cfu toggle and XXX extensione number.
When CFU is ON led is RED, when CFU is OFF led si green.

Same trick with follow me: BLF key with *21XXX


Could you share how did you do it? Local features runs in the GXP sides. Are you running some script in your Freepbx to check the Telephony?
I already tried to use *76+Extension to toggle DND. It Works, but there is no signal in GXP showing DND ON.


How is the DND appearance for the user? And the other users that has a BLF programmed can know that the sangoma peer is DND On?

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My solution works only if you use DND dedicated button (with gxp2130 and gxp2160).
In phone config (feature code menu), set *78 for DND ON and *79 for DND OFF, without specifying extension.

This trick don’t work if you enable/disable DND from UCP. But if you need, you can use a BLF key configured with *76XXX. This solution works with UCP.

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