IP Telephony with best integration in Freepbx

Hi Community!
I would like to hear if anyone have a suggestion about the best brand of IP Telephony working in Freepbx. I am having a dificult with Grandstream because the DND function (DND button) Works fine only in Local level (ip telephony level), but in this way, we cannot manage in the Freepbx overview.
If I set Local features off, the user cannot use the DND button… and the IP Telephony wont show any signal that DND is on!
Anyone could give a tip of a brand that Works 100% with Freepbx?

Sangoma phones works for us 100000000%

You can set presence and DND directly on Sangoma phones, and it is mapped back to the PBX. https://wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=57410534

I have a lot of grandstream gxp2130 and 2160.
DND works fine at phone level and pbx level. Phone show that DND is on, pbx also.

For CFU i use a trick: set a blf key with *96XXX where *96 is cfu toggle and XXX extensione number.
When CFU is ON led is RED, when CFU is OFF led si green.

Same trick with follow me: BLF key with *21XXX

Could you share how did you do it? Local features runs in the GXP sides. Are you running some script in your Freepbx to check the Telephony?
I already tried to use *76+Extension to toggle DND. It Works, but there is no signal in GXP showing DND ON.

How is the DND appearance for the user? And the other users that has a BLF programmed can know that the sangoma peer is DND On?

My solution works only if you use DND dedicated button (with gxp2130 and gxp2160).
In phone config (feature code menu), set *78 for DND ON and *79 for DND OFF, without specifying extension.

This trick don’t work if you enable/disable DND from UCP. But if you need, you can use a BLF key configured with *76XXX. This solution works with UCP.

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