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I am attempting to set up an IP speaker as an extension in freepbx distro (latest build). So far, I haven’t had any luck dialing the extension. The speaker is a Valcom VIP-130L. I assume Freepbx has to be able to recognize the device in order for it to be able to call it. Where do I need to start? I setup the IP on the speaker and the server can ping it. What do I need to do in freepbx to be able to dial it? Thanks in advance…


No, the other way around, the device needs to recognize FreePBX/Asterisk.

From the documentation . . .

Information specific to your application will need to be
programmed into the VIP-130L using a computer.
The PC used for programming would be connected to
the same subnet as the VIP-130L. Setup will be
done using the IP Solutions Setup Tool. The IP
Solutions Setup Tool may be downloaded from the
Valcom website at www.valcom.com.

Did you do that yet?

I use the Valcom gateways that have the same setup tool. They work perfectly.

You can have them register or assign a static IP.

When you create your extension, if you select the static method you need to change the host to reflect that.

I can now call the extension (needed a username to be set on the speaker)… I am going to test custom ringtones, etc and see if I can get it all to work the way we want. Thanks…

Thanks for your help, btw… I’ll keep you posted.

I would of went with a CyberData speaker since they are fully supported with FreePBX.


Heads up on the Valcom units:

They work perfectly fine with freepbx, just setup 3 vip-120 speakers. The only problem I had was the password length assigned automatically by freepbx. I shortened it down to just 8 characters from 32 and it works, otherwise asterisk threw out password error after error. I just emailed valcom to find out what the max password length should be for them.

We had offered to add the Valcom stuff to FreePBX but they refused to provide a sample of each of the devices they wanted added.

weird, I might end up with cyberdata next time just to have the build in support. I ended up with valcom because that’s what my distributor carrys and skykings good words about them.


It appears that the PBX rejects the password with a 32 character length. I have tested and found that any number of characters from 1-31 will register properly.
It appears we are not passing all 32 characters, only 31.

I have reported this to our development group.


Robert Grimm
Technology Specialist
Valcom Technical Support"

I think he meant speaker rejects the password with 32 characters but here’s the word from the manufacturer.

I too went with Valcom because of skykings good words about em. Everything has worked well so far. Would sure be nice if they’d give you what you need to integrate it all though. Would definitely save some steps, I imagine.