IP Phones registered to FreePBX is flapping with wong IP address

There are some of phones registered to FreePBX is flapping with a wrong IP address. There is no flapping on phone, but the registered IP Phone’s ip is showing differently in the sip how peers output and no incoming calls to the phone when it is showing wrong IP address.

If the phones are on the same LAN as the PBX, you most likely have two phones configured with the same extension number.

If the phone is at a remote location, the site may have two connections to the internet and it’s intermittently taking the failover path.

If neither of the above are applicable, please post a description of your network and whether the addresses involved are local or public IPs.

At the Asterisk console, you can try
sip set debug ip
(use the ‘wrong’ IP address that is connecting)
and look at the incoming REGISTER requests. They will likely contain information about the rogue device.

Also, try connecting to the ‘wrong’ IP address with a web browser, or ping it and look at its MAC address.

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