Ip phones on different subnets

I am plaaning to subnet my network. I have a bunch of polycom soundpoint ip 335s already set up. when I do subnet my network is there any additional programming to the my phones in order for them to work properly?

Also how about if I were to set them up remotely?

It all depends if you are going to have to NAT the subnets. If the PBX can reach an IP via a connected gateway it does not care.

Make sure you innumerate all connected networks in SIP settings/local networks. This setting tells Asterisk to exclude those networks from NAT processing.

And what if I want this subnet to be NATed?

It seems the obvious answer, then you need to configure the NAT settings in FreePBX/Asterisk to match your network.

If exposing the box to untrusted networks don’t forget to setup security so you don’t get hacked.