IP Phone - WAN vs LAN Issues .. Ping-Pc2Pc

We just purchase the ip phone and recently had install them at one of our client. We thought the phone is able to act as router by configuring WAN for internet access and LAN from PC to IP Phone. However, I need your advice as we having problem for PC connected to phone as they not communicate each other (ping pc to pc), but it able to access internet. From the configuration it self, WAN allowed the gateway and LAN didn’t have gateway and both of them not allowed same network segmentation to be configure. This actually causing every PC that connected to IP Phone are not able to send message via our internal local application through our router. Please advice how to solve this problem as our client to expected this issue resolved as soon as possible.Thanks and much appreciated

It could be helpful if you mentioned which IP phone you placed…

However, all the phones I am aware of are not routers. You would connect one port to the LAN and the PC port to a… PC.

Solution, put the phone on the LAN.

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ZP502P SIP Phone

OK, so the phone does indeed have a “route” mode… So I stand corrected. I can not imagine that as a router it could be a very good one. For instance the manual mentioned how to set the phone up as a DHCP server but no mention of a firewall.

Bottom line… use a router to route and a phone to make calls… Put the phone WAN in DHCP mode and connect it to your LAN.

we can’t use DHCP as their not allowed,only manual IP. This due to their router setting… So any other option… ??

Give the phone a LAN address.

Default it is NAT ,i have tried change it to bridge mode between WAN and LAN.I can’t make them on the same network segment even the LAN was set to Bridge Mode as it keep return notification that LAN and WAN can’t be the same network IP.