IP Phone - WAN vs LAN Issues .. Ping-Pc2Pc

We just purchase the ip phone and recently had install them at one of our client. We thought the phone is able to act as router by configuring WAN for internet access and LAN from PC to IP Phone. However, I need your advice as we having problem for PC connected to phone as they not communicate each other (ping pc to pc), but it able to access internet. From the configuration it self, WAN allowed the gateway and LAN didn’t have gateway and both of them not allowed same network segmentation to be configure. This actually causing every PC that connected to IP Phone are not able to send message via our internal local application through our router. Please advice how to solve this problem as our client to expected this issue resolved as soon as possible.Thanks and much appreciated.

We don’t care about your client, you made the promises to them.

What does this have to do with FreePBX?

You do not supply enough information to even figure out what you are doing. The FrePBX is not typically a firewall and router and probably should never be exposed to the WAN. You should install a simple firewall router allowing it to dish out IP’s, confirgue FreePBX with some static IP and then configure each IP phone with a static to match the extension number such as etc.

If the phoens have a LAN port for the PC, they should by default be set up to dish out an IP to whatever is conencted to them - thus acting like a router/switch. As long as you leave everything on teh same subnet, you should have a working system. Don’t forget to port forwat 5060-5069 to your FreePBX IP address as well as 10000 to 20000 UDP otherwise if you have any phones outside the system you most likely won’t hear anything at least in one direction.