Ip phone button to trigger an annoucement

I’d like to add a button on sangoma phone that play an announcement.
You press the button play the announcement.

the idea is the receiver is busy doesn’t want to answer the phone, he press the button the annoucement say to the caller “hey leave me alone call me later” and hangup. And your back for receiving new call

Annoucement do that but how to triger it from a button on the phone.

I coud use Do not Disturb but it"s a toggle button you have to do it again to receive phone call

Where should I look for?
Thanks for your help.

I believe you want an ignore button, it doesn’t play an announcement but will go to voicemail.
If you send the person to an announcement that gives the caller no chance to leave a message.
You may be able to do something with misc application, haven’t played with it in the way you are asking, but may do the trick.

Except for the fact that Announcements have the option to send the call to another destination after the announcement playback. So yes, one very well could send a call to an announcement and then straight into VM with the “No Message” option. (i.e. don’t playback voicemail greetings)

Applications->Extensions-> Edit → Advanced
scroll down

Nice, I don’t use announcements in that manner but will keep that in mind going forward.

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