IP getting banned from Firewall

We opened up our FreePBX to the world so our techs could work from home answering help calls, with the option to open it up for everyone in our district when needed. Currently only have 4 remote phones which is all working fine except for 1 phone, every couple of week or so his WAN IP get banned in Firewall. Once I unblock his IP, the phone registers again.

When I check the logs, it cant seem to find why\how his IP was even banned. Only entry I see with his IP is

Firewall-Monitoring - XX.XX.XX.XX reported as good, adding to whitelist.

Is there a way to see why the IP was banned so if\when we deploy in mass this doesn’t happen?

In the olden days of the Firewall, if a phone connected and dropped and connected and dropped “a certain number” of times, the firewall would block it. I don’t know it that’s what’s happening, but it would be a really good place to start…

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