IP Dial Through Not Working (e.g. [email protected])


I had previously been running FreePBX 2.11 on centos 6 but it got hacked due to a vulnerability towards the end of last year.

I have now installed FreePBX 12 again running on centos 6 on a new VPS. There are a couple of things I can’t get to work.

  1. I am unable to call extensions or queue’s directly (e.g. by dialling [email protected]). I was able to do this with my previous install. I have enabled anonymous calls on the Asterisk SIP Settings page and on the Chan SIP (A) page (allow sip guests) and on the Chan PJSIP (A) page (allow sip guests) but the calls aren’t getting through. The error returned is simply ‘internal server error’. I’m not sure what else I have to enable to make it work. I need this feature to work as my DID’s are provided externally and it’s free for them to forward the calls to a VOIP address but very expensive to forward them to a standard PSTN number.

I have some SIP accounts linked to asterisk and they make and receive calls fine it’s just the direct extension and queue dialling that doesn’t work at all.

  1. The CDR report is completely blank. Am I correct that there is an issue with this? If so I’m happy to leave it alone until a fix is issued.

Any help anyone can provide would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Guest access to the server should be disabled - you’re just asking for trouble unless you are disallowing connections from all IP addresses except the ones for your phones…

Here are a series of unanswered questions that will help you figure out the problems - note that no one but you needs the answers to all of them. The important part is that you understand what the question is asking for and what the answer is.

What do the logs say when you try to connect using the ‘[email protected]_address’ method? Are the phones registering for their extension numbers correctly?

If your connections that are having this problem are local, why are you using the ‘@ip_address’? It’s not that it’s wrong, it just seems like a lot of trouble to go through when you’re already there. Do you phones have extension numbers, or are you setting up phones to connect that connect to a SIP provider and want to forward calls to them?

Do your phones have access to the ‘ip_address’? Firewall rules,. routing, etc.? Are they NAT’ed? Is there a larger networking issue at play here?

What error are you actually receiving (in addition to the generic “internal server error” from the web page)?

How are your phones connecting to the server?

How are your PSTN numbers connecting to the server? Are they?

If you phones have extensions on your server, why would you forward to a POTS phone number?

I’m not sure I understand how your network is set up.

On the CDR, are you using CDR files or MySQL tables?

Have you set up the tables in MySQL? Did you allow the asteriskuser write access? Did you configure all of the pieces in the config files to point to the tables? Which CDR reporting methods did you enable in your config files?