IP Deskphone under hotspot

Hello, my company now we are having implement hotspot system that need to allowed users to login before they get internet connection or wifi connection. But one problem occur is our IP desk phone can’t login to our FreePBX server. Is there anyway, we can do with it? Also We use Antemedia hotspot system using window server 2012 and we opened firewall.

My opinion (not even humble) is to use a Power over Ethernet connection for the phone and hardwire it to the network/server.

If that simply isn’t a possibility, you are going to need to set up a MAC-filtered WiFi connection with no password.

Wifi introduces jitter and delay that make the experience less than ideal in some situations. A wired connection is going to be less troublesome and give you a more solid service offering in the long run.

I don’t believe that the phone is using Wi-Fi. The Antamedia system filters the wired LAN, too; see https://www.antamedia.com/hotspot/ . I don’t know the details but assume that the phones could be whitelisted in the system. If not, it should not be hard to rig a solution using VLANs.

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