IP centrix / cloud PBX with FreePBX?


Will FreeBPX fit for an ISP that wishes to be a cloud PBX provider?
Meaning to install it on the core network of our backbone and resell cloud PBX service to cusotmers.
From small up to big companies (5-1000 useres very company)

Will appreciate an advise.


You’re asking for a whole lot of answers without a whole lot of information.

Can FreePBX be hosted?
Yes see FreePBXhosting.com and FreePBXhosting.co.uk

No, it needs to be installed physically in our core network.
We operate in Africa and if we will host it in a remote server/VNO the latency will be too high.
And so is the service quality, the international sub marine fiber isnt stable.

I think James was just giving you an example that FreePBX can be hosted in the cloud by showing you FreePBXhosting.com, so affirmative on the ability to host FreePBX.

FreePBX is not a multi-tenant system so each customer you wanted to sell PBX services would have to have their own virtual system.

Got you guys.
Thanks alot!

I had some friends come back from missionary work in Liberia on telecom projects. There are different concerns in second and third world than first world nations.

Yonish…You don’t put multiple tenants on one FreePBX you put multiple FreePBX’s on a single virtual machine.

The recommended Virtualization platform is KVM on CentOS. All free you just have to screw all the parts together.

The better questions you ask the better advice will be rendered.

Good luck.