IP Authentication of extensions

I have a project with hundreds of sites around the US each with an SPA112 VoIP device.

All devices are behind the same firewall and share the same public IP address.

How can I setup FreePBX (running on a VPS) to allow calls from any device through a single extension.

As a side note, all devices only ever dial a single toll free phone number and so it’s not a problem to lower security by disabling the firewall.

There is only a single outbound trunk to a toll free VoIP provider.

i don’t understand what you are trying to do. are you trying to allow all the SPA’s to make calls but appear to the pbx as a single extension?


It would be ideal to identify individual devices in some way, Caller ID sent from the SPA112 for example., but not essential at this stage.

What I’ve done currently is to get all devices to register at 86400 second intervals to the single extension (all devices provisioned with same User ID and password) but I’m looking for other options that do not require registration.

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