IP-550 Phones

Hi New to the Forum and FreePBX.

I am having trouble getting my IP550 phones registered and just cannot find out what I am missing. I have configured the phones via the web interface and built the extensions in Free PBX but they refuse to register !

I have searched for info and cant find anything that puts me on the right track !

Any thoughts?


I know this may sound obvious, bur when this has happened to me, especially when configuring an unfamiliar phone, I eventually have found it’s one setting that is off, or I didn’t understand the nomenclature.

POLYCOM phones can be quirky to set up.

Perhaps this might help:



Hello Bill,

Thanks. I did find that document and hoped it wasn’t going to be that complicated. Oh Boy ! Ok I will work my way through the items.

Thanks so much !

73 de Ian W6TCP w6tcp(AT)comcast.net