INVITE message not hitting FPBX

I am doing a tcpdump to see where my “INVITE” messages are coming in.

I am running this on two machines the same latest fpbx distros: Machine 1 is a VM and Machine 2 is a physical server. Almost every parameter is the same on both machines except the trunks are different.

I am receiving INVITEs from my provider on Machine 1 but not on Machine 2. Both are listening on 5060. I have both machines correctly configured in my router for forwarding. I shut down Machine 1 and I still receive nothing on Machine 2. It’s like there is a problem with the NIC not accepting the message or is it being filtered out somewhere - or should I be looking in FPBX/Asterisk???

What could be the issues? I am losing my mind over thinking this through. Please, any help…ideas?


I have it working on the correct Machine 2 now. In my linksys router I had both machines getting the forwarded port 5060 which I guess it does not work. I have it set to one machine now. But now my issue is I still can’t receive an inbound call. I will go to another thread for that.