Invalid Websocket Transport for Zulu

I get there error

“PJSIP Transports for WS and WSS must be enabled in Asterisk SIP Settings under the Chan PJSIP Settings tab. Then restart Asterisk”

Which is simple enough to resolve after upgrading. However I have two installations with a peculiar configuration where the Asterisk Sip Settings tab has this on General SIP Settings.

“These settings apply to both chan_sip and chan_pjsip.”

I dont want to change the company’s SIP driver and reconfigure phones, but there is no where to enable WS and WSS on these pages the way I can on other installations I just upgraded. I think these installations have been around since FreePBX 12 and perhaps that is why they have this different setup.

You just need to go enable pjsip and chansip in advanced setting module. This won’t change your setup to use PJSIP it will just allow Zulu to use it.


I know there has been a lot of back and forth in the past about mobile apps getting banned by responsive firewall. Does the forthcoming Zulu App for iOS/Android solve the mobile access problem?

Correct as it uses web socket not SIP.

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Looking forward to seeing that. The website says click here to sign up for beta but there is no where to click yet.

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