Invalid Username or Password after user man update

Framework and user man updates came through this morning, forced update framework before user man, all was good. After user man update and reload, “Invalid Username or Password” at GUI login. How do we fix this?

I had the same thing happen to one of my systems.
I had to login through SSH and unlock my web session to then re-add my FreePBX admin login:

This is a workaround, not a fix.

You can unlock a web portal session from the directions here:

The refresh the login page in the web browser, you’ll be automatically logged in.
Visit Admin -> Administrators and select your user on the right side of the page (if you have one… in my case it disappeared for some reason) or add a new Administrator account there.

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We have noticed the same thing (as well as had a few support ticket). Admin users from Admin, Administrators appear to get removed after these module upgrades. Based on the warning message we’re seeing in Admin, Administrators it seems like the move is to setup the users in User Manager.

This is the procedure we have been using, and it’s been working for us:

  • Choose Admin, User Management
  • Click Groups
  • Click Add
  • Give you new group a name, and description
  • Click on FreePBX Admistrative GUI and give the group the permissions you want
  • Add any other prermissions you want to give that group

Then you’ll want to create the user

  • Choose Admin, User Management
  • Choose Users
  • Either select an existing user or add a new one
  • Make sure they are part of the admin group you created above
  • Clock on the FreePBX Administration GUI tab
  • Make sure that Allow FreePBX Administration Login and Grant Full Administration Rights are set to Inherit (so they take the permissions from the group)

You should now be able to log into the FreePBX Admin GUI with the user you created.


Same issue with me too!

Yep, this works. Unlocked, updated to newer newest framework:-) and re added “Admin” account as it had been removed.

Note to web authors, “u” is listed as ambiguous, should read “unlock” in the instructions on

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Same here.

Had to get access to WebGUI as linked by @adolfoc
My previous Administrator Account disappeared at Admin -> Administrators. I assume this might be related to special characters. My previous name consist an @-sign and I’m not allowd to create a new account which consist one, usernames are only allowed with characters and numbers I got prompted.
But the workaround of @ffeingol works very well.

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I am not sure if anyone is having the same problem but I have it in 3 of my FreePBX installations. The default user “admin” (the one created during installation) has been lost from the Admin->Administrators menu. Anyone else having the same problem?

FreePBX Framework:

Nevemind the post. I should have searched better :blush:

I have a FreePBX v13 install which I haven’t logged into for a while and when I did my password is no longer working.

The system automatically installs updates, could it have been reset during an update.

Is there a way to reset it from a telnet session with root access.



So I might have screwed up here, there is only me using this system and apart from changing the password for the “admin” account I never set another account up, any idea’s on how I get back into a web login.


Use the unlock feature for fwconsole described here:

Link above worked for me thanks for info

hi, i have similar problem, but the fwconsole unlock is not working, any idea?

It works
You have to:
amportal a u
fwconsole unlock

since this morning i am having this issue, searching for a way to change my admin password…

thanks for the reply
amportal and fwconsole say ok but nothing happend in the gui acces, maybe i´m have a erro in the steps to unlock or is part of the problem of my server
(sorry the tarzan language :P)

You do hit the refresh button after you see the message from the console ?

Session Should be unlocked now

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yes, hit the refresh button in my browser, but nothing happen
mybe is part of my principal trouble:


closed. after severals try to fix reinstal :stuck_out_tongue: thanks