Invalid PIN on conference rooms

We keep running into issues with conference rooms and users reporting invalid pin related errors.

To recreate the issue I would test dialing a conference room and entering the admin PIN. Not always, but most of the time the first time I entered the admin PIN it would say " That PIN is invalid for this conference ". I would then enter the exact same PIN and most of the time it would work. Sometime it takes me 3 attempts.

We have had multiple users with different conference rooms report the same problem.

The User PIN seems to be more reliable.

When I check the asterisk log to see what PIN was entered for the admin PIN I can see missing digits. I have tested myself from different phones and I can confirm the correct digits are being entered but in the logs it shows missing digits.

The admin PIN is a 6 digit PIN.

PBX server is up to date with the latest stable modules. Conference module is:

Anyone else seeing the same kind of problem and have any idea how to troubleshoot it?

There’s a theme to several posts over the past couple of weeks with regard to touch tones. There have also been some problems with one-way audio that have popped up over the past couple of weeks that are troubling. I don’t know if they are related, but one thing you can try is to look at codec interactions (see if the negotiated codecs make sense) and make sure your connection is getting audio flowing in both directions. With an IVR, though, I can’t think of an easy way to do that without a detailed SIP trace.

Thanks for the reply Dave

Very worrying because I did log this as a bug but it got closed straight away because “This appears to be a support issue.

@tm1000 are you aware of what Dave speaks of?

This doesn’t appear to be a FreePBX issue. If it takes multiple attempts to enter PINs, and you can see from the console that the entered code is wrong, then your system is not reliably detecting DTMF.

I’m guessing then, that is pointing to either a network issue on my side or and issue with my SIP provider?

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