Invalid domain


I’ve installed FREEPBX whith asterisk 1.8 on a CentOs 5.7 in a virtual machin using VirtualBox on my laptop.

I’ve this error message when i try to connect a SIP client (Ekiga 3.30)

[Nov 15 15:36:16] ERROR[2542]: netsock2.c:263 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo("%LIMITED", “5060”, …): Name or service not known
[Nov 15 15:36:16] WARNING[2542]: chan_sip.c:13570 parse_register_contact: Invalid domain ‘%LIMITED:5060’
[Nov 15 15:36:16] WARNING[2542]: chan_sip.c:14312 register_verify: Failed to parse contact info

Any suggestions ?

Many thanks for your help


Did you set up your virtual ethernet port on Virtualbox as a “Bridge Network Connection”?