Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

FreePBX 13.0.79
Asterisk 13
DPMA for Asterisk 13
PHP 5.4.16

I’ve licensed DPMA and now when I try to go to DPMA I receive some php errors:

ErrorException (E_WARNING)HELPInvalid argument supplied for foreach() on line 891 of digium_phones_phones.php

And a handleError on the same line

There are two more errors on lines 767 & 555 that just say “require” and “include”

Can anyone point me in a direction? Do I have incompatible versions? PHP version? This DPMA not ready for FreePBX 13? (though, it’s for Asterisk 13).

I have found only two other (unanswered) posts similar to this, different lines in the php file and all from 2015.


Thanks. Different lines of code, but possibly related. Absolutely nothing loads on my screen other than the error messages, so the reporter of the bug was able to get further than I am. I’ll keep my eye on it.

Thanks again.

I never mentioned that I am using CentOS 7. Might it be that DPMA does not work on CentOS 7 (possibly php version related?)?