Intrusion Detection Whitelist and iptables

In my System Admin > Intrusion Detection > Whitelist I have the following IP
so that I can have SIP ATA in those net
If I look in the iptables I have only the following
Chain fpbxnets (1 references)
num target prot opt source destination

1 zone-trusted all – anywhere
2 zone-trusted all – anywhere

How can I have the and be in the zone-trusted?

So it can register the extention in the PBX.

Thank You

You can add : Firewall–>Zones—> Networks tab and then add your networks and mark them as trusted.

Thank you psdk
Now I have > zone-trusted all – anywhere in my iptables, my extention regist but I cannot do any thing with it.
The port 5060 and RTP 10000-20000 is forward to the IP of PBX