Intrusion detection settings wiped out, not sure why

(Bob Reiber) #1

Intrusion detection and the services settings have been set back to defaults for one reason or another that I haven’t yet figured out. The networks list and the responsive firewall settings appear to be untouched. The only thing recently done on this PBX was trying to get Zulu going. Is there a chance that those two things are at all related?


(Bob Reiber) #2

I still dont know how to prevent this but every pbx that has been upgraded from 14 to 15 wipes out the white list, so I just copy the list before running the upgrade.

(Jared Busch) #3

No answer for what blows it away.
But if you are current on the firewall, you need to validate things anyway.

You no longer need a custom whitelist if it is not different from the Firewall networks.

Scroll down and change from Legacy to Enabled.

Get Green bar

Still in Firewall, hit the fly out and go back to main, then intrusion detection.

Choose the ones you want to sync.

It will list them. You can also do custom ones. they will stay.