Introducing The New FreePBX Merchandise Store

Hi all,

Leo here, from the Sangoma marketing department. We have had some serious meetings here at Sangoma headquarters with Tango, the frog, and he wants us to keep things fun and has asked us to open up an online merchandise store. And so we did!

Today, we are launching our very first online merchandise store, which showcases apparel, and anything else you can think of, that will display your pride for FreePBX. We also brought back the original FreePBX T-shirts too!

Here is a link to the new Merchandise Store:

Take a look through our store and see if you find anything interesting that you would like to purchase. We do plan to add a ton more items, on a consistent basis. If you have any suggestions for new items that you want to see in the store, let us know and we’ll consider creating them (with Tango’s permission, of course.)



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