Interpreting call log data

I’m trying to generate a call log to get an idea of how many calls certain numbers make each day.

The source in question is ext 409. I searched for all calls originating from that source on a particular day. The number returned seemed really high to me. Upon looking at the list I noticed most of the calls had a destination of 602, which is the ID of a ring group that the extension in question(409) happens to be in.

I noticed something else as well, in some cases the calldate and durations don’t add up. For example, a call will be made at 9:51:43 for a duration of 24 seconds. The next call in the list is at 9:51:44, only one second after the first, and has a duration of 23 seconds. Both of those calls were made from ext 409 to ring group 602.

Could the system be counting calls made to a particular ring group as a call originating from a number in that ring group? Is it possible to exclude a particular destination in the report?