Internet Loss

Before I start testing does anyone know if the old asterisk bug which caused the system to fail when the internet failed on systems using SIP trunks has disappeared with asterisk 1.8 or does it still exist?

I believe that it has disappeared under Asterisk 1.8.

However, it has NOT disappeared under Asterisk 1.4.41. Here’s the workaround. Note: I spent a lot of time testing this and this is what works:

  1. In the Asterisk SIP Settings module, select

IP Configuration: Public.

(or configure it correctly for your settings)

Press Submit and then Apply.

The above is CRITICAL. You must force FreePBX to set these fields at least once, or step 2 won’t solve the problem.

  1. Either set-up all your SIP Trunks using IP addresses and not names, or create a hosts file and input all of your SIP trunk providers and their IP addresses.