International call to china fails

We’re able to call about a dozen international countries but calls to China show as failed in the disposition field in CDR reports. Is there a way to dig deeper and see why it failed or where it failed?

We’re using flowroute and China is in the allowed countries list. The dial plan for international appears to be correct as we can call the other dozen or so countries with no problem, it’s only China that fails.

Can this be done from the Web Interface? If not I do have access to the CLI of the server itself but I’m not a high level linux guy so would need some guidance.

Thank you!

If you use Flowroute on all of your international calls and it’s only China that’s failing, the problem is most likely outside of your PBX. Unless you are only allowing certain number patterns in your outbound routes and China is not among them, so check that first.

Otherwise I would ask Flowroute why calls to China get denied.

You can easily see whether the call was sent correctly to Flowroute. Make a failing test call, then immediately visit Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles.

Search for a line like
Called PJSIP/Flowroute/12345678*861023456789

If using chan_sip, you’ll see SIP instead of PJSIP.
Next is the trunk name, which in this example is Flowroute.
Then, the 8-digit tech prefix for your account, 12345678 in this example, followed by a *.
Finally, the number starting with the country code 86.

What do you hear on the call attempt?

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