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Hey everyone,

I am a little puzzled and I need some advice.

When I started this FreePBX project, I was assuming I could use a number from any country via my SIP trunk. I am using SIPStation currently, but It says I can only choose US and Canada. It says they can’t purchase UK numbers, but if you go to SIPStationUK, they can there?

Our headquarters is in the US, and we are adding a branch office in the UK, which users will need to communicate via local extensions to US, and vice versa. Additonally, if either US or UK number rings, it will ring globally.

Should I…

Configure a second FreePBX in UK, with SIPStationUK, and setup a custom dial plan so they can communicate together locally(FreePBX to FreePBX)?


Add a 2nd SIP Trunk(that supports UK numbers) to my existing Freepbx, have UK members VPN in (latency concerns)

Anyways, which would be easier? I don’t like the idea of maintaining 2 FreePBX’s, purchasing modules twice etc. But its a call center environment and I need to provide quality service.

Any other ideas or recommendations?



Option 2. Just get another trunk.

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I agree with @BlazeStudios , but only if you don’t have other delay sources.

For example, if the US office is on the West Coast, that could add ~150 ms of round-trip delay (to a call to UK number answered in UK).

If your business deals mostly with consumers, they are likely to be on mobile, adding additional delay.

If you have teleworkers who are fielding calls on their mobiles, that’s yet more delay.

If these factors apply, do some testing before deciding on your approach.

Please explain how this will work. Queues with logged-in agents on both sides of the Pond?

There are some SIP Providers who are able to provide international numbers on the go… Some are actually asking for some documents that can prove you have operations in said country.

I would contact SIP Station sales and discuss with them the need of a UK DID and see if they can offer anything.

However, if you consider going this way, depends on how much outbound calls to the UK you will make, it might be cheaper going with option 2.
The only thing is, some providers aren’t allowing two Trunks to the same PBX, not sure if you can do that with SIP Station.

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